Gearbox Repairs

Gearbox, Clutch Kits & Prop Shaft Repairs

The Gearbox Company offers a myriad of services from gearbox refurbishment to general auto repairs. Whatever it is you require, we have the cost-effective and reliable solution for you and your vehicle. It is out passion and drive that is sure to keep you on the road!

The Services that we offer include:


The Gearbox Company offers a variety of gearbox services. Whether you require the refurbishment or repair of existing gearbox units or you are looking for gearbox exchange services, we have the solution for you and your vehicle.


We offer complete differential units as well as limited slip units to be fitted and air lockers to be fitted.

Transfer Case

The Gearbox Company team has the skill to rebuild transfer cases with remanufactured main casings so as to stop leaks. One of our specialities is the fitting of diff-lock components to early Disco III transfer cases.


We offer a full recon of old propshafts and are able to supply brand new ProsShafts. (Disco III Propshafts are available) We also offer the unique service of rebuilding Propshafts to spec.

Wheel Bearings

We offer wheel bearing replacement with OEM as well as hub seals and stub shaft replacements.

General Repairs

All repairs are done with original parts when available and warranty will be given if qualified. There is no warranty on electronic components. Side shafts replaced and drive members changed as well as complete suspension bushes, A-Frame ball joints, new original shocks or fitment of Bilstien shocks.