About gearbox company

Our Passion and Drive Keeps you on the Road

Since The Gearbox Company was established almost 2 decades ago, we have quickly become one of the leading differential and gearbox specialists in the country. We offer our clients a highly personalised service and pay close attention to detail with each project that we take on. We believe in quality workmanship and will provide the best end-results for our clients.

We offer a highly specialised service solution and all of our work is done to the most international of standards. Whether you are in need of gearbox repair or new and improved clutch kits, we at the Gearbox Company have the solution for you and your vehicle. We are also the go-to specialists for the repair of gearboxes and differentials in Land Rovers and 4 x 4’’s. No matter the vehicle you drive, we have the skill to repair your car parts and get you back on the road!

The Gearbox Company Team

Sean Riley heads up our dedicated and highly skilled team. The Gearbox Company team will always provide you with expert advice when it comes to your vehicles differentials, gearboxes, clutches and wheel bearings. Whatever advice you require, our team is here to help! We pay close attention to detail with every project that we take on and ensure that you receive an unbeatable service.

Unbeatable Services and Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is of primary importance to the Gearbox Company. This is what has helped propel us forward as a leader in the industry. We strive to provide you with a highly streamlined and prompt service, making sure you get back on the road efficiently, effectively and most importantly, safely! The personalised service that we offer ensures that you receive the ideal service solution that you require. With us, you are sure to take to the road smoothly! Whether you need a simple gearbox repair or require the installation of a complicated torque converter, the Gearbox Company team will make sure that you receive the best outcome.

Our Specialised Services

Not many gearbox companies have the expertise to provide services to Land Rovers that range from early Disco I, II and III series, as well as the latest Land Rover models. However, the Gearbox Company is the go-to specialist in this regard. No matter your vehicle, we have the solution that you require. From large 4 x 4 repairs to small vehicle repairs, we have the service that will get you back on the road safely!

Company Principles

The Gearbox Company will never strive from our core principles and because of our dedication to our ethics, we have flourished.

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Affordability
  • Service Excellence