Clutch Kits, Transmissions, Gearbox Exchange & Repairs

Our Passion and Drive Keeps you on the Road

Who we are:

The Gearbox Company specialises in the replacement, repair and reconditioning of worn and damaged components for a variety of gearboxes, transmissions, differentials, air lockers and clutch replacements. We also supply our services to both automatic transmission and manual transmission. With well over 25 years of industry experience we have developed the skill and reputation for providing the most uneatable end-results. We have the capacity and skill set to service individual cars as well as large corporate fleets. What sets us apart as a leader in the industry is the fact that we specialise in all 4 x 4’s and Land Rovers. Many gearbox companies claim to have the skill to take on these large projects, however, we have the proven capabilities to provide the best 4 x 4 services in the industry. Whether you are in need of advanced automatic transmission repair and torque converter or whether you require a gearbox exchange, we have the solution for you and your vehicle!

What we can do for you:

The Gearbox Company was registered in 2005. Our experience is vast and we are able to supply our skill set to gearboxes, prop shafts, transfer cases, differentials and clutch replacement.

The Gearbox Company are the specialists in the complex reconditioning if transmissions, gearboxes and differentials. The Gearbox Company has fast become the most innovative and technologically advanced gearbox company in South Africa. We are not simply here to churn out repairs, we are here to offer absolute client satisfaction and service excellence. It is due to our commitment to client satisfaction that we have developed a respected name for ourselves and strive to create long lasting relationships with all of our clients. Gearbox Company is all about integrity, affordability and above all else, the best possible end-result.

Sean Riley heads up the committed and dedicated Gearbox Company team and it is through his motivation that the team performs with superior workmanship and dedication. We specialise in 4 x 4’s and Land Rovers of all models as well as any kind of motor vehicle.

If you are looking for the most efficient, professional and reliable gearbox services, look no further than The Gearbox Company. Our passion and our drive will keep you on the road!

Gearbox exchange and repairs

We have the skill set to repair and refurbish:

  • Gearboxes – Refurbishment, exchange and repair
  • Transfer Case – Rebuilding, ratio changes and fitting differential locks
  • Differentials – We offer complete units as well as limited slip units
  • Prop Shafts – Recon of old shafts, supply of new shafts, shafts made to spec
  • Clutch Kits – New OEM kits available and fitted, clutch modifications and new fly wheels
  • Wheel Bearings – Stub shaft replacements and hub seals replacement.
  • General Repairs – We offer a vast general repair service ranging from replacing of parts to the supply of new shocks

Not only do we offer the most reliable repair services, we also offer a collection and delivery service that functions throughout the greater Johannesburg area as well as her surrounding areas.